Francesco Baronti

Pop Zero, by Francesco Baronti Pop Zero, by Francesco Baronti Francesco Baronti was born in Livorno in 1973 from Italian-Puertorican parents,  but spent several years of his early childhood in Somaliland, Africa, a period which greatly influenced him. He started painting at the age of 20 and has developed his own individual style thanks to this multi-cultural background. In 1995 Francesco was encouraged by artist Franco Sumberaz to enrol at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, he has exhibited his work in several exhibitions, both at home and abroad, including a personal exhibition in Livorno in 2002, and at the Viota Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2004. In July/August 2010 he took part in the collective exhibition Ora d'Aria, with artists Luca Vinciguerra, Antonio Vinciguerra, and Maurizio Fontanelli in the former prison of Vicopisano (Pisa Province), and in 2011 his works have been selected as part of the Venice Biennial Exhibition in the Nairobi Italian Cultural Institute.