Francesco Ermini

Autoritratto Metafisico su Edimborgo, Francesco Ermini Autoritratto Metafisico su Edimborgo, Francesco Ermini Francesco Ermini was born in Livorno in 1980. After classical studies, he enrolled to study law at Pisa University. During university he began to attend Luca Bellandi's art school where he learnt the basics of drawing and painting. This apprenticeship lasted until 2005 when Francesco started a personal walkabout which took him to various places worldwide for both study and work. In 2005 he moved to Oviedo, Spain, then in 2007 returned briefly to Italy to finish his law degree. In 2008 he went to the USA where he lived and worked first in New York, then in Houston, Texas. After a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, Francesco was awarded the LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law and was admitted to the Bar of Lawyers. He then headed back to Livorno where he still pursues his love of painting. 

Exhibitions include several personal exhibitions in Livorno, as well as a collective show in Edinburgh in 2011 and most recently a personal event entitled EXIT:0 in Benevento (Feb 2012) which was repeated at the Kino Dessé in Livorno in March. Francesco also took part in the 2012 Premio Combat competition. In August 2012 he won the Mario Borgiotti prize at the Premio Rotonda exhibition in Livorno.