Free Time in Livorno

Free time in Livorno Free time in Livorno Whether you prefer to lie on the beach, or work out at the gym, there are plenty of opportunities for both, and more, in Livorno.

Beach Life in Livorno
During the summer, life for the Livornese centres very much around the sea and beach life. Although there is no beach as such in the city, there are many "Bagni" open daily from June to September. A "Bagno" is a kind of private bathing lido providing changing facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas, food and drink, sports facilities and evening entertainment. Some even have swimming pools. They are like a sort of private holiday club to which you can take out a season ticket, or pay a daily entrance fee. A Livornese institution, the bagno is the hub of activity all summer long, especially for families and young people.
If instead you prefer quieter surroundings, there are a number of small pebbly 'free' beaches in Antignano, and if you prefer the rocks, head further south to the spectacular cliffs along the Romito. There are some great "flat rocks" to sunbathe on, and a much more natural setting. Parking can be a problem though, particularly at weekends.

Working Out and Keeping Fit in Livorno

Joggers on the seafront at Antignano Joggers on the seafront at Antignano Keeping fit is also an important activity in Livorno, as shown by the many gyms and sports associations in the city. People use the seafront for jogging and walking all year round, while gyms are most popular from September to June. There are also two indoor swimming pools offering a variety of keep-fit courses as well as swimming tuition for children and adults.

Livorno's Cinemas

Of course, recreation isn't only about activity, and Livorno offers a variety of cinemas with all the latest films throughout the year, and a chance to catch up on the movies you missed during the summer at the open air cinemas which show a different film every night from July to early September.