Putting Livorno on the Map

The Region of TuscanyThe Region of Tuscany Livorno belongs to the region of Tuscany, one of Italy’s twenty different regions. Tuscany itself is subdivided into ten provinces, each of which is governed by its own provincial town, and Livorno is one of these.

The city of Livorno lies on the west coast of Tuscany on the extreme south of the Arno River delta. Its province stretches to the south, a long narrow strip of land widening in the south, containing a surprising variety of scenery. The province of Livorno borders on Pisa province to the north and east, and on Grosseto province to the south, while to the west it faces the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas. It has a total population of 330,000 inhabitants and covers an area of  1,211 sqkm (727sq miles).