Get around Livorno with a Livorno Card

Discover the sanctuary of Montenero by local bus Discover the sanctuary of Montenero by local bus ONE DAY'S UNLIMITED TRAVEL on all local CTT buses for JUST €3!! (N.B. THE LIVORNO CARD IS UNFORTUNATELY UNAVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 17.8.18)

The LIVORNO CARD is a great way of exploring the city at your leisure for only €3 euros! The Livorno Card costs €3 for one full day, €4 for two days, and €5 for three days, and is free for children under 12 when accompanied by an adult.

The advantages that come from holding a Livorno Card are as follows:
• Free travel on the local CTT bus service
• Free entry to the Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum
• A discounted price for the boat trip on the canals of Livorno (ask at the tourist office in Via Pieroni)
• Discount of €2 on entrance to the Aquarium of Livorno
• Discount of €1 on entrance to Modigliani's birthplace 

• 10% discount at Bar Quattro Mori and Pizzeria La Vecchia Venezia

The Livorno Card is available from the Tourist Information Office in Via Pieroni (near Piazza del Municipio). Also from the newspaper shop at the train station, and at most newspaper kiosks in Piazza Grande (near tourist office).

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Submitted by krystin Lai (not verified) on Thu, 28/06/2018 - 02:16


Very Interesting to use the local buses to see Livorno. I am coming in September. Can I use the card on LAM ROSSA route and LAM BLU route? Thank you.

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 05/07/2018 - 13:51

In reply to by krystin Lai (not verified)


Hi Krystin,

Yes the Livorno Card can be used on the whole urban bus network (the orange buses). Let me know how you get on! (Please note that I have heard reports of the card being sold at a higher price at the railway station)

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