Giacomo Riggi

Percussionist and Composer, mad about Jazz

Giacomo Riggi on drums Giacomo Riggi on drums Giacomo Riggi Mazzone was born into a family where music was already a dominant feature (his grandfather Tony Mazzone owns the well-known music shop in Livorno), so perhaps inevitably he grew up to study percussion instruments at the Istituto Mascagni in Livorno, under the guidance of Jonata Faralli.

He says he owes a great deal to pianist Andrea Pellegrini who helped and encouraged him throughout his studies, and afterwards.

Although his studies have focused on classical music, Giacomo is a great lover of Jazz and has performed with many great names including Mauro Grossi, Tony Scott and Marlene Verplank. He also took part earlier this year in a new performance of Chick Corea's Lyric Suite for Sextet (1984), at the Istituto Mascagni, and at La Cité in Florence.

Giacomo conducting Giacomo conducting He also plays with orchestras such as the Orchestra della Toscana and the Orchestra Sinfonica di San Remo, to name a few.

At the moment much of his time is dedicated to composition and his work has already been received to great acclaim. One of his works, a musical version of Jack and the Beanstalk - composed together with Alessandro Moro - will be performed at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno in April 2009.

Giacomo, what are your plans for the immediate future?
To take a few composition exams, and to play jazz.

What do you miss about Livorno when you have to go away?
Just the fact that it is home

What's your favourite place outside Italy?
I don't really have a favourite place, but I would like to go back to New York, and Paris too.

What's your favourite place in Livorno?
Anywhere I can see a concert. I'm not a great beach lover, but I like the sea air in the evenings.

Choose: Ponce or Corretto al Sassolino

Livorno's best point?
All the ideas people have, the musicians, theatre groups, and all their energy.

Livorno's worst point?
That no-one takes any notice of these people, or helps them in any way. There's nowhere to play, for example.

Where would you take a friend on a one day visit to Livorno?
Not to the centre of town. Probably along the seafront, and to the Venezia district.

See also Giacomo's MySpace page to hear some of his compositions.