Giles Foster's Debut Album - Soul Contact

the Soul Contact cd cover the Soul Contact cd cover Dare to Believe...

British singer songwriter Giles Foster, resident in Montenero, Livorno, has just released his first CD – Soul Contact -  after many months of hard work. The CD has been produced by the local Percorsi Musicali recording studio, where it was arranged by Simone Ricci and Lorenzo Porciani, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniele Pistocchi.
The resulting album is a very personal collection of eleven tracks displaying a range of musical atmospheres and rhythms, from the upbeat, foot-tapping Don’t Forget, to the reflective Don’t Hide Your Heart, “20 years rolled into one”, as Giles says.
Influenced by a Josei Toda poem, “Dare to Believe (there’s a song in your heart)”, Giles’ lyrics are earnest and thought-provoking, based on his own experiences. His rich vocal tones, sometimes reminiscent of Bowie and Byrne, maintain an individual feel, and his backing vocalists and musicians are sleek and professional.  The result is a great-sounding debut album that deserves every success.
Giles is now working on a video to accompany his first single, to be chosen from Soul Contact. My personal choice would be Don’t Forget, so I will be interested to see if we agree.
The album has been sponsored by local freight forwarders Tecasped. It is available in Livorno from Atlantic Star.
28 April 2009