Greek United Church

The old Greek United Church in Via della Madonna The old Greek United Church in Via della Madonna Also known as the Santissima Annunziata and situated in Via della Madonna (tel. 0586 887718), this church dates back to 1605 and bears witness, along with the other churches in this street, to the multi-cultural society that lived in Livorno in the 17th century.

The church was built in 1606 on a project by the architect Alessandro Pieroni for the Greek sailors who arrived in Livorno to serve on the ships of the Order of Saint Stephen. They were Catholics but followed the Byzantine liturgical rite.

The facade was added a century later by the sculptor and architect Giovanni Baratta, who also built a small bell tower for the church.

Practically destroyed by the air raids in the last war, only the facade and the tower survived. The church was rebuilt in 1951, but the long and difficult restoration of the magnificent interior was only completed in 1985. (source: Livorno Daily Photo )