Head Out of Town to Ardenza and Antignano

The Casini di ArdenzaThe Casini di Ardenza Further south from the Naval Academy lies the district known as Ardenza, a part of which lies along the coast - 'Ardenza Mare' - and a part inland - 'Ardenza Terra'. Ardenza Terra is a busy shopping area along a main road, serving the local population. Ardenza Mare is a popular summer meeting place for all ages, as well as a busy place for afternoon strolls all year round.

There are several bars and cafés here, as well as a number of very good restaurants, both on the seafront and in the residential streets a short distance from the sea. On The Marina at ArdenzaThe Marina at Ardenza

Look out for the Casini di Ardenza, an attractive group of houses built in 1844 in the neo-Classical style to accommodate well-off travellers and visitors to Livorno. The building originally provided facilities such as a library, a games room, a concert hall, private bathing areas and a private chapel.
The Rotonda and the whole of the seafront is a popular area with joggers in the quieter times of the day, and with strollers on summer evenings, and on sunny afternoons at other times of the year. This is the venue for the well-known art exhibition called the Premio Rotonda which takes place during the summer. There is a small marina for pleasure craft, and one of Livorno's private bagni.

Tre Ponti beach, between Ardenza and AntignanoTre Ponti beach, between Ardenza and Antignano Just beyond the Rotonda is the Tre Ponti Beach, a popular free beach where you can hire chairs and umbrellas. This is also one of Livorno's main windsurfing and surfing points, and there is a Windsurfing school based here.

From the Tre Ponti, the road continues south in a wide avenue through Antignano, the southernmost residential area of Livorno. Gardens on the right separate it from the sea and an attractive walk along the Antignano coast. There are several small free beaches along here from where it is possible to cool off on hot days, but where local sunworshippers can be found pretty much all year round catching any available rays of sun.

Getting to Ardenza and Antignano: the LAM BLU bus from Via Grande or the railway station runs all along the seafront to Antignano.

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