Hic Sunt Leones

Hic Sunt Leones, band from Livorno, ItalyHic Sunt Leones, band from Livorno, Italy Hic Sunt Leones started life as a duo but have gradually built up a team of excellent musicians who make guest appearances on their performances. Hic Sunt Leones was founded in 2012 by Andrea Tempestini, singer and electronic musician from Livorno. His idea was to create a blend of electronica and classical instruments in a pop atmosphere. He was joined by Lorenzo Saini, a young musician who helped with the arrangements on the early songs and gradually began to contribute his own compositions to the duo.

In the summer of 2013, trumpet player Giacomo Fattorini joined the band. They went on to record their first EP, Hic Sunt Leones at the 360 Music Factory, assisted by Andrea Pachetti and with contributions from double bassist Riccardo Mazzoni and saxophonist Giulia Costagli.

The 5-track EP was released by Inner Animal Recordings. Listen to it HERE!

Andrea Tempestini: Vox, Drum Machines, Synth.
Lorenzo Saini: Vox, Guitar, Synth/Piano.
Giacomo Fattorini: Trumpet.
Francesco D'Angelo: Electric Bass, Synth.
Riccardo Mazzoni: Double Bass.
Giulia Costagli: Baritone Sax, Alto Sax, Synth.