Humanoira Humanoira Humanoira were formed in 1999 by Riccardo Vivaldi and Davide Varriale, school friends whose musical career began by playing in a garage where they often got into trouble with the neighbours. Since then they have progressed to four members and have taken part in various music competitions, getting into the finals at Arezzo Wave in 2003 and at Musica Viva in 2005.

Genre: indie rock, electronic

Line Up:
Riccardo Vivaldi (vocals, bass, guitar)
Davide Varriale (synth, bass)
Marco Franchi (guitar, organ)
Marco Palazzolo (drums)
Cristiano Trassinelli (synth, electric piano) 

2007 debut album L'Arte di Sciogliere la Neve (Snowdonia Records)

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