I Luoghi di Modigliani - a project to enhance Livorno's artistic heritage, seeking support through Crowd Funding

I Luoghi di Modigliani - a project connecting Paris and Livorno and artist Amedeo Modigliani I Luoghi di Modigliani - a project connecting Paris and Livorno and artist Amedeo Modigliani

30-4-2013 I Luoghi di Modigliani: Tra Livorno e Parigi (Modigliani’s places: between Livorno and Paris) is a project conceived by Livornese photographer and videomaker Luca Dal Canto (whose most recent production was the prizewinning short film "Cappotto di Lana") and the Bredenkeik cultural association. It consists of a series of 53 photos taken by Luca of places associated with the life of Livorno-born artist Amedeo Modigliani during the periods of his life that he spent in Livorno and Paris. 

As Luca Dal Canto says in his introduction to the “I Luoghi di Modigliani” project, “it does not set out to be just a photographic exhibition. Its aim is not to exhibit the work of a photographer but instead to describe the life of one of Europe’s most important 20th-century artists through a series of everyday anecdotes accompanied by images of places that may now seem ordinary and unimportant.”

Artist and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno in 1884 and died in Paris in 1920. Despite his short life, he left an indelible mark on both the art world and the people and places he came into contact with. Dal Canto’s images include bars, cafés, apartments and ateliers, many of which have since been transformed into completely different places that have lost their connection with the great artist. I Luoghi di Modigliani offers us a chance to rediscover these places and, in the case of Livorno, to reconnect the memory of the artist to the city he was so fond of. 

The photos are predominantly Parisian, but several feature Modigliani’s places in Livorno: his birthplace in via Roma, the studio of Guglielmo Micheli (Modì's first art teacher) in Via delle Siepi, the Liceo Classico Guerrazzi where he went to school, Modigliani's own atelier in Via Gherardi del Testa, the place on the Scali Olandesi where he is said to have thrown some of his sculptures into the canal (later the object of the famous art hoax), and the site of the former Caffé Bardi in Piazza Cavour. Previews of some of the photos can be seen on the project website, and a chronological list of all of "Modigliani's Places" featured in the project can be seen here.

Although the I Luoghi di Modigliani project has been enthusiastically received by both Livorno and Paris city councils, it still lacks funding in order to be brought to the public in the form of a series of itinerant exhibitions. The exhibitions will be backed by talks about Modigliani by art historians. Several private entities in Livorno have offered exhibition space for the project, including the Mercato Centrale and Libreria Feltrinelli, the latter also willing to host talks about the artist. However, money is still needed for the printing and mounting of the photos and the relevant descriptions, and to create the necessary panels to form an attractive exhibition worthy of the project. 

In order to obtain the necessary funds, the organisers have turned to the concept of crowdfunding, which seeks to encourage individuals to support the project even by donating just a small sum.

The aim is to reach a total of €2000 euros by 22nd May 2013. You can pledge from as little as €2. In return for a €2 pledge, you will receive official thanks in the exhibition programme. With €5 you will also receive an official invitation to the opening of the exhibition. Payments can be made easily using PAYPAL.

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