Il Palio Marinaro

Livorno's most important rowing race

Spectators at the Palio Marinaro, Livorno Spectators at the Palio Marinaro, Livorno Livorno’s Palio Marinaro is the most important rowing race of the year. It takes place in June/July and is the only race which decides the running for the following year’s races. The venue for the Palio is the open sea, opposite the Terrazza Mascagni.

Eight of Livorno’s sixteen historic districts (or rioni) take place in the four-man boat race (gozzette) and eight take part in the big event fought out between the ten-man boats known as gozzi.
 The team that wins the gozzette race goes into the gozzo race the following year, while the team that comes last in the gozzo race is relegated to compete with the smaller boats.

The overall winner of the ten-man boat race is awarded with the Palio, a standard painted every year by a well known artist especially for the event.
The race course measures 2000 metres, and the finishing line is easily visible from the Terrazza Mascagni.

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