Il Parco del Mulino opens at last

The new Parco del Mulino centre The new Parco del Mulino centre 26 September 2007. One of the most admirable projects to be undertaken in Livorno in the last few years has finally come to fruition. The Parco del Mulino, which has just been inaugurated, is a semi-residential centre for people with Down's syndrome. The main aim of the project is to integrate these people into the local community by helping them to learn autonomy and by creating jobs for them within the centre. In fact the Parco del Mulino - which takes its name from the old mill ('mulino') that stands in the grounds and which has been renovated as part of the project - also offers facilities that can be rented for conferences, meetings and ceremonies.
One of the main activities to be organised by the centre will be courses for people with Downs syndrome, aimed at training them in how to become independent and cope with the routine of everyday life.
The project was conceived in 2003 by Manuela Anna Baia, doctor Daniele Tornar, and Doctor Vai. Their ultimate objective is to make this centre into a focal point of cultural and social activities in Livorno. Work continues on the second phase of the project which includes a therapeutic pool and a gymnasium.
Anyone looking for a venue for any event is invited to contact the centre. Via Fontani 5, Ardenza, Livorno.