Indovena Indovena Indovena have been together since 2003 which is when they recorded their first demo cd, Sammy. Their musical style is difficult to define, since it does not easily fit into any particular category. It is a mixture of pop and rock, sometimes hard rock, sometimes psychadelic.The band members are also the creators of an annual cultural event in Livorno - Brainstorming - which takes place in the summer.
Indovena are currently looking for a recording contract.Their latest success is a television appearance on Rock TV (Sky 718) on Wednesday, 21st November 2007.
Line Up:
Lorenzo Cominelli
 - vocals, bass and keyboards
Tommaso Simoni  - guitar and vocals
Giovanni Lombardi  - drums
Giulio Fagiolini  - keyboards

(EP) 2005
La Sfilata di Cerbero (EP) Lady Music Records, 2007
Lascia Andare la Marea, Inconsapevole Records, 2010



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