Ivo Piagneri - King of Cacciucco

Ivo Piagneri, who died suddenly last weekIvo Piagneri, who died suddenly last week 2009 I was so sorry to hear the news about the sudden death of Ivo Piagneri, owner of the fish restaurant Da Galileo which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Locally known as the Re del Cacciucco (king of Cacciucco), Ivo was also the chef at his well-known restaurant, famous for his version of the local fish stew.

I had been at the restaurant a few weeks ago to talk to him about his work and he willingly gave up a few minutes of his time to tell me about his business, dressed in his chef's attire. He was friendly and unpretentious and told me he was getting ready to retire after so many years of hard work. Handing me a copy of his book, "Una Vita tra Pentole e Tegami" (a life among pots and pans), he invited me to go back and talk to him some more when I'd read it.
The restaurant celebrated 50 years of business yesterday, 25th April 2009, but fortunately Ivo Piagneri and his family had already celebrated the event a few weeks ago at the Grand Hotel Palazzo, since they predicted they would be too busy to do so during the holiday weekend.
Many famous actors and celebrities have eaten at Da Galileo, as customers can see from the photographs that decorate the walls. I hope the restaurant will continue to be the success that it has always been, even without Ivo.