Jolly Cinema

Jolly Cinema, band from Livorno, ItalyJolly Cinema, band from Livorno, Italy Jolly Cinema started out in June 2012, playing just for fun on the stage of The Cage Theatre, during an end of year school party. The band members come from diverse musical backgrounds, which together make for a new and original sound. Their lyrics reflect their Livornese origins, containing anecdotes about their beloved city. The music is a classic, American-style rock.

In September 2015 Jolly Cinema recorded their first demo of 13 tracks at Blue Box Studio. The recording, which was made in one day, has led to the band being able to perform at various venues in Livorno, such as the Ex Cinema Aurora, the BPM Club, La Sentina, Accademia Musicale Chorus and Fortezza Rock. In November 2015 they were guests on Radio Flash, and in December of the same year the track "In che Stato Siamo" was played on Radio Incontro following the Christmas Rock event during which Jolly Cinema were selected for the Rock Targato Italia finals.

Also in 2015, Jolly Cinema were selected to take part in the Livorno Acoustics project conceived and organised by Livorno Artistica.

In 2016 they are opening for Siberia at The Cage Theatre on 11th March.

Gabriele Puccetti - Vocals
Matteo De Simoni - Guitar
Stefano Lugheri - Guitar
Carlo Minuti - Bass
Daniel Emanuele - Drums