Karto Karto Karto (Giovanni F. Cartei) is originally from Livorno but now lives in London. He started his musical career at the age of 8 when his parents sent him to piano school where he quickly fell in love with music. Two years later he discovered Rock ‘n’ Roll, listening to artists such as The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, and The Doors. Growing up under the influence of the NWBHM and the 80’s West Coast “Glam” Rock from the US, Karto realised exactly what he wanted to do in life: PLAY GUITAR!

In 2007 Karto moved to London to look for new musical experiences. After only a few months he got an audition as a guitarist for the Camden-based rock ‘n’ roll/garage punk band The Hyenas (on the Big Trash Records label). He worked with this popular band for 3 years, recording an EP, two singles, taking part in video clips, performing widely in London and touring around the UK playing in its many clubs and big venues like the Wakestock festival where the Hyenas were the opening act for bands like Funeral For a Friend and Supergrass.

In 2010 Karto took a break from The Hyenas and travelled to the U.S. to play guitar as session musician. On the road along the East Coast he played venues like the Trash Bar in NY (where the Ramones and The Stooges started out their careers),  the Arlene Grocery (NY), The Fire (Philadelphia), the Depot (Baltimore) and many others. During this U.S. experience he became more determined to become a solo artist and to write his own music.

Once back in London he started writing and recording the songs for Karto, his new album that will be released in 2013. A single from the album, The Rocknrollest, has just been released on the London Calling Records label. Listen to it here! Available to buy from iTunes

His  music  is a mix of psychedelic rock, crunchy guitars and electronic mixing. His lyrics, although humorous and ironic, have rebellious undertones with a touch of sadness and an autobiographic feel to them. This is rock, with a Karto twist!

In 2016 Karto released his second studio album, 'Give Me My Rock'n'Roll Back'.


Email: info@karto.co.uk

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