L'AltroVerso: Fotografiche by Anna Laura Bachini

Bag designs by Anna Laura Bachini Bag designs by Anna Laura Bachini Graphic designer Anna Laura Bachini has turned her artistic talents to a wide variety of uses. Her photographic images are already familiar to many of those who live in Livorno, since her designs have been used for the ‘Welcome to Livorno’ panels located at various points in the city. She has also carried out a number of projects for many local businesses, including Bar Civili, Teatro Goldoni and the Caprilli Race course and in 2012 designed the poster for the 100th anniversary of poet Giorgio Caproni's birth. She created the graphic design work for  the theatrical event dedicated to Milanese poet Alda Merini, and recently created the new corporate logo design for the Fondazione Livorno.

Anna Laura Bachini, graphic designer Anna Laura Bachini, graphic designer The core of Anna Laura’s work comes from digitally printed photographic images combined with lines of poetry or related citations. One of her images of the Terrazza Mascagni, for example, bears a quotation about Livorno and its people by Pier Paolo Pasolini. She uses these designs to make decorative panels, as well as applying them to soft furnishings, lampshades, bags, tablet covers, notebooks, stationery and clothing.

Anna Laura now lives and works near Florence and sells her work to order, and online.
L'AltroVerso: FotoGrafiche di Anna Laura Bachini
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