Lip Colour Revolution

Lip Colour Revolution Lip Colour Revolution Lip Colour Revolution formed in Livorno in 2003. They released their first album, Lip Colour Revolution, in 2006, recorded and mixed by Giulio Ragno Favero (One Dimensional Man, Teatro degli Orrori) at Blocco A and at Natural Head Quarter, and then edited by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios (Seattle, WA). They performed at the Sziget Festival in Hungary, on the prestigious A-38 stage, which was an important experience for the band. 

The band’s second studio release, an EP entitled Dusty Days, came out in 2010. It consisted of four acoustic tracks, recorded, mixed and edited by Abi Battocchi at the Grattacielo Theatre, L.C.R Studio and Abi Road. It is an intimate work with pervasive atmospheres, elegant arrangements, classical instruments and profound lyrics.

At the end of 2011 the band’s latest EP was released: Mad Dogs, consisting of five tracks that didn’t find a place on the previous album.


Filippo Infante (vocals, synth)

Gianni Niccolai (bass guitar, lapsteel)

Cristiano Tortoli Sbolci (guitar, piano)

Leonardo Nesi (drums & percussion)




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