Livia Giunti's Documentary about Livorno at Florence's Festival Cinema & Donne

4th November 2011 marks the beginning of the 33rd edition of the International Festival Cinema & Donne in Florence. From 4-9th November a full programme of films and documentaries made by women will take place at the Odeon Cinema, in Piazza Strozzi (tel. +(39) 055 2719011), as part of a wider reaching international film festival (50 Giorni di Cinema Internazionale a Firenze).

During the festival, on Tuesday 8th November, two documentaries by videomaker Livia Giunti will be shown, one of which - Livorno, due o tre cose che so di lei (2006, 29') - tells the story of her brother Matteo Giunti's research into their own family history which gradually developed into the incredible discovery of an intriguing network of all the foreign families present in Livorno from the 17th century onwards. The film was made in 2006, the year in which Livorno celebrated 400 years since its foundation as a city. Matteo's research has been going on for more than ten years.
The second documentary by Livia being shown on 8th Nov in Florence is entitled H d'O - Histoires d'Eau (2004, 11') and is set in Paris.

Livia is part of the Documentaristi Anonimi association, which brings together a group of Tuscan videomakers. She has her own film production company, Santifantifilm, based in Pisa.

Matteo Giunti is president of the newly-founded cultural Association, Livorno delle Nazioni which aims to promote, conserve and restore the historical sites and buildings linked to the foreign communities that Matteo is researching.

Livorno, due o tre cose che so di lei - Tuesday 8th November 2011, 4pm, Cinema Odeon, Piazza Strozzi, Florence.