Living in Livorno - What goes on behind the scenes

Popular weekend activity! Popular weekend activity! Living in Livorno on a long-term basis opens your eyes to what lies behind the city's most obvious attractions and places of interest. There are nearly 160,000 people living here, so to start with there have to be plenty of schools. All levels of compulsory schooling are provided for in Livorno, and although the nearest university is in Pisa (just a few miles away), a new faculty - the Polo Logistica - is situated in Livorno itself offering courses to do with port logistics. At pre-school level, the city council runs several "nidi" for children from 18 months, and many nursery schools for the 3-6 year olds. There are also a number of private schools offering these pre-school services.

Private language courses for all ages are catered for by Livorno's language schools, and other types of evening courses for adults are available in various centres in the town.
Livorno also has a huge number of sports associations, from football to sailing, martial arts to cycling and everything else in between, reflecting the local people's athletic nature.

On a cultural level, there is a surprising number of associations which continue to promote artistic and musical activities and events in Livorno all year round.
Lastly, but by NO means least, Livorno's football team is probably one of the local community's main points of discussion and there are various fan clubs in town dedicated to the support and following of the team.