Livornese Artist Francesco Baronti chosen for the 2011 Venice Biennale

Pop Zero, by Francesco Baronti Pop Zero, by Francesco Baronti Livornese-born artist Francesco Baronti has been selected to show six of his works as part of the upcoming 2011 Venice Biennale, the prestigious international art exhibition that takes place in Venice every two years.
Francesco's work will be shown at the Italian Cultural Institute of Nairobi, as part of the extended Italian Pavilion exhibition ideated by art critic Vittorio SgarbiIn fact, to mark the 150 years of Italian Unification, Sgarbi, curator of the Italian Pavilion, has extended the exhibition to 27 Italian cities and 89 cities worldwide where Italian artists operate. The Italian Cultural Institutes in these cities are being used for the event.
Baronti's connection with Nairobi? He spent much of his childhood in Africa, and has been greatly inspired by this period. In recent years his interest in the continent has deepened further.

His works will be displayed alongside those of other Italian artists of international calibre such as Sarenco, Dino Innocente and Federico Veronesi