AS Livorno Calcio - Livorno's Football Team

AS Livorno Logo AS Livorno Logo Livorno’s football club, AS Livorno, was founded in 1915 when the game was introduced to the city by the son of the British viceconsul who is said to have learned the rules by watching British sailors play on the docks.

Fans of Livorno are well-known for their exuberant and sometimes unruly behaviour. They  went wild in 2004 when the team was promoted to Serie A for the first time in more than fifty years. The team’s top striker at the time, Cristiano Lucarelli (who later left the team - see separate article), is a local player who famously gave up a top player’s salary to stay with his home team. This is what he said about his decision:

"Some players buy themselves a yacht or a Ferrari with a billion lira. I bought myself a Livorno shirt."!
Cristiano went on to play for Parma and then Napoli. He is now a youth coach at Parma (2012-13).

Livorno were relegated back to Serie B at the end of the 2007-8 season but once again promoted to Serie A at the end of the 2012-13 season under coach Davide Nicola.

The team's president is Aldo Spinelli who has been with the team since 1999.

Livorno's Armando Picchi football stadium in Ardenza Livorno's Armando Picchi football stadium in Ardenza The team’s  colour is amaranto (burgundy) and the Armando Picchi stadium is located to the south of Livorno in Ardenza. It has a capacity of 18,000.

For details of AS Livorno matches and all other team information, see the Livorno Calcio website (in Italian).

Tickets for matches are available online from Booking Show (pick up at the stadium before the match).

How to get to the stadium:

Take bus number 1 from the Station or from Piazza Grande to Ardenza Mare, then walk about 200m from there.  Alternatively take bus number 5 from Piazza Grande which goes right to the stadium.