Livorno delle Nazioni at Renaissance Society of America's Annual Meeting

Old English Cemetery, Via Verdi, LivornoOld English Cemetery, Via Verdi, Livorno One of the founder members of the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association, American historian Lisa Lillie, will be taking part this week (22nd March 2012) in the 58th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America in Washington DC. Lisa has co-organised a double panel chaired by Professor Stefano Villani of the University of Maryland, and will be presenting her paper on the Old English Cemetery of Livorno.

Lisa has been analysing the cemetery as part of her doctoral dissertation at Washington University in St Louis. Her presentation at the RSA meeting is entitled Negotiating Community Ties and Cross-Cultural Relationships in the Old English Cemetery of Livorno, exploring the important role of the cemetery for the English-speaking community of Livorno from 1640-1750. She discusses how, apart from being a burial place for its members, the cemetery also represented a place of cross-cultural sharing.  

The Renaissance Society of America is an academic association founded in 1958, focussing on the study of the Renaissance period, 1300-1650, in Western history. It is based in Philadelphia, but holds its annual meeting in a different US city each year. It was founded by art historian Horst Waldemar Janson who, from 1941 to 1949, taught at Washington University in St Louis, precisely where Lisa Lillie is studying for her Doctorate.