Livorno in mourning - Cristiano Lucarelli announces decision to leave Livorno FC

Livorno football fans awoke to shock news this morning regarding the transfer of the much-loved local player Cristiano Lucarelli to a team in the Ukraine.

Famous for having turned down top player salaries in the past to stay with his home team, Lucarelli has finally succumbed to a 12 million euro 3-year contract with Shakhtar Donetsk.

Many fans reacted angrily to the news that their top goal scorer is to leave Livorno. Messages expressing disappointment poured into the player's website and others were posted on city buildings.

Lucarelli will have to be replaced, of course, and the most likely candidate at the moment seems to be Christian Riganò.

As for Cristiano Lucarelli, his decision may not be very popular, but he's only human like the rest of us. And that's football.