Livorno rowing team reshuffle

Rowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canalRowing boats, or Gozze, lined up on the canal In 2013 Livorno's traditional rowing teams were re-organised, several of them being brought together under new names. There are now eight teams: four representing the city quarters that lie within the historic pentagon-shaped city designed by Buontalenti - Venezia, Pontino, Benci Centro and Borgo Cappuccini. The remaining four new teams are: Labrone representing the quarters in the northern part of the city (incorporating Shangay and Sorgenti), Livorno Sud (bringing together Antignano, Ardenza, Montenero and Quercianella), Salviano-Colline (incorporating Salviano, Colline, Coteto and Stazione), and lastly San Jacopo-Fabbricotti.