Livorno's Pizzerias

Going out for a pizza is probably the cheapest way to eat out in Livorno (and Italy). It is the favourite choice for families and groups of friends, including teenagers' birthday celebrations. In fact, some pizzerias specialise in large groups to meet this demand. These places are usually very efficient, but can get very noisy!

Many pizzerias also serve ordinary meals and you can combine a starter, a pasta dish or anything else, with your pizza. In Livorno, some pizzerias also make torta di ceci, served either with or without bread. Ask for them to bring 'un etto' (100g) if you just want to try it.

Pizzas come in various sizes, depending on the pizzeria. Some are wafer thin, but none have the thick 'American' style base that you might be used to back home!  Purists only go for a Pizzeria with a wood-fired oven, but some excellent pizzas come out of electric ovens too.

You can get takeaway pizzas ('da asporto') in most pizzerias, although you can be faced with a long wait at busy times if you don't order in advance. This can be done by telephone, or by just calling in to say what you would like for what time.

Pizzeria a Taglio
pizzeria a taglio is a pizzeria that sells pizzas by the slice. They are made in huge rectangular dishes and kept warm at the counter. This is a popular snack. 

Some pizzerias now cater for celiacs, offering a gluten-free pizza.