Livorno's Top Ten

The historic Venezia quarter of Livorno The historic Venezia quarter of Livorno

  • The historic churches of Livorno, many of which bear witness to the foreign nations that helped to create the city from the 16th century onwards. See in particular those in Via della Madonna
  • The Fortezza Vecchia and the Fortezza Nuova– Livorno has TWO Medici fortresses, one (the 'old' one) right on the port front, and the other separating the Venezia quarter from the city centre. The Fortezza Nuova is now a pleasant park area with good views over the surrounding city.
  • The Historic Venezia District, where Livorno’s popular Effetto Venezia festival takes place in July/August
  • The Old English Cemetery, in Via Verdi, dating from the 1600s and an important testimony to Livorno's unique and fascinating history. It is the oldest cemetery of its kind in Italy. Important burials include Scottish writer Tobias Smollett, British consul George Jackson and the American reverend to the British community, Thomas Hall.
  • The Central Food Market – an array of colour, chaos and local flavour
  • The Museo Fattori – Livorno’s Art Gallery – in Villa Mimbelli
  • Terrazza Mascagni – the sweeping terrace that overlooks the sea
  • Try one or more of Livorno’s Specialities  – Cacciucco– Triglie alla Livornese – Torta di Ceci  - Ponce
  • The Old Mediceo Port, named after the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany who expanded the port in the 16th century. It is surprisingly tranquil and you can walk all the way round to the yacht club for views of Livorno from the sea.
  • Montenero - the village on the hill to the south of Livorno - catch the LAM Rossa bus from the city centre.