Local Expressions - best left to the locals!

The local language is Italian, of course, but every region, indeed every town in Italy has its own special interpretation of the Italian language, and Livorno is particularly well-known for its colourful dialect and expressions. Below are just a few of the many Livornese words and expressions that you are bound to hear if you spend even the shortest time in the town:

Boia – probably the most frequently uttered word in Livornese speech, it expresses a whole range of feelings ranging from surprise to annoyance.
– competing hotly with ‘boia’ as the most frequently used expression, the terms are often used together, as in ‘boia dé’ to express particular emphasis.
Baci ai bimbi – common form of informal leavetaking, literally ‘kiss the children for me’
Ganzo – Livornese equivalent of ‘cool’ (great)
E regali fì’i – literally this means something like ‘give away figs’, but it is used to emphasise agreement with something.
Vaini - money
Allezzito – a cheapskate
Rufiano – a creep or a bootlicker
Zibillo – full or crowded