Magenta and Origine

Teatro Goldoni, in the Magenta & Origine district of Livorno Teatro Goldoni, in the Magenta & Origine district of Livorno

The central Magenta district extends from the former Piazza Magenta (now Piazza della Vittoria) to Piazza Cavour and the Cisternone. From the 1700s much of this area was taken up by villas and houses with gardens and farmland, gradually ceded to the local council for the building of schools, streets and buildings for common public use. The most lively part of the district has always been that of the Origine, a district which grew up in the second half of the 19th century.

There are several places of interest in the Magenta district: the Teatro Goldoni, one of Italy’s most beautiful theatres, designed by Giuseppe Cappellini and inaugurated on 24 July 1847; the monument to Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour in Piazza Cavour, by Vincenzo Cerri and inaugurated on 4 June 1871; Piazza della Vittoria contains the monument to the fallen in the First World War; the Cisternone (the large water cistern) stands as a reminder of the work of architect Pasquale Poccianti and was inaugurated on 20 June 1842 in the presence of Leopold II.

Magenta-Origine Rowing Team