Making way for Modigliani – Livorno prepares to host prestigious exhibition

No photo description available.The exhibition that everyone is waiting for - Modigliani e l’Avventura di Montparnasse, organised by the Restellini Institute and the Comune di Livorno, and curated by Marc Restellini – opens on 7th November 2019. It will feature 120 masterpieces from the collections of Jonas Nester and Paul Alexandre including paintings and drawings by Amedeo Modigliani that have rarely been shown in public. The exhibition also features important works by prominent artists working, like Modigliani, in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, such as Russian artist Chaim Soutine, André Derain, Mose Kisling, Paris-born Maurice Utrillo, and Suzanne Valadon, the first female artist to be admitted to the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts and mother of Utrillo.

The exhibition is extraordinary for Livorno, not only because it marks the 100th anniversary of Modigliani’s premature death in 1920, but also because it will be the first time that Livorno, Modigliani's birthplace, has hosted such a major event dedicated to its most famous artist. .

Preparation for Modigliani Exhibition, 21.10.19
Piazza Luogo Pio, 21.10.19

The venue for the exhibition is Livorno’s new Museo della Città where work is well under way to prepare for the opening. While the museum itself is being specially fitted out to contain the valuable works of art, the historic Venezia quarter in which the museum is located is currently the scene of frenetic activity. The wide Piazza del Luogo Pio in front of the venue has been cleared of cars in order to be resurfaced, scaffolding has been removed from the Church of San Ferdinando, while an arched structure is being erected to form a symbolic entrance to the museum area. Several security cameras have been fitted in the streets surrounding the museum, and there are indications that a few ‘rough’ spots might be getting a minor facelift for the event.

Also relating to the Modigliani exhibition over the coming months will be a series of conferences at the Trossi-Uberti Art Foundation entitled "I Modigliani: Questioni di Famiglia", starting on 24th November at 11am with Caro Dedo. Indagini d’archivio. Immagini mai vistepresented by Mario Di Chiara (RAI consultant and collector) and Matteo Giunti (genealogist).

Also planned is a mural dedicated to the artist (by Uova alla Pop), and themed walking and boat tours of the city.

Preparation for Modigliani exhibition
Erecting entrance archway, 25.10.19