Maria Grazia Bertini

Dedicated to Livorno's Primary School Children since 1972

Maria Grazia Bertini, primary school teacher Maria Grazia Bertini, primary school teacher Maria Grazia was born in Livorno in 1952. She is married to Renzo, and has two sons. Having had a ‘bad teacher’ at primary school herself, she decided at an early age that she wanted to dedicate her working life to teaching children.  She started her teaching career in 1972 and has worked in many of Livorno’s primary schools. She has worked at the Natali school since 1997.

Maria Grazia is one of those teachers dedicated 100% to her job and to the children she teaches. She believes wholeheartedly in school as an institution and in the importance of her job.


When she has some time to herself Maria Grazia loves reading, watching films, and travelling. She also loves music, especially Mozart.

Maria Grazia, do you have a pet hate?
I hate deception and untrustworthiness in people. I can’t stand people who try to hide something from me, who tell me lies.

What’s your favourite place outside Italy?
Paris. I’ve been there twice and really love the city.

And in Italy?
Trentino – I love the mountains in the summer. We have been going to the same hotel in this region for 30 years!

What’s your favourite spot in Livorno?
La Rotonda and the Tre Ponti beach. I enjoy the sea from the shore and always go to the Tre Ponti when I need to cheer myself up. I love the views from here.

What do you miss about Livorno when you go away?
My family, my home, and the sea air.

Would you ever consider living anywhere else?
Yes. It would be nice to live for part of the year in a European city with lots of museums and cultural events. I’d enjoy living in a big city.

What’s your favourite Livornese dish?
I love Stoccafisso (stockfish). I’m not keen on Cacciucco.

Choose: Ponce or Corretto al Sassolino
Ponce, once a year!

Choose: Bagno or Scoglio?
Scoglio or free beach.

Livorno’s best point?
The sea

Livorno’s worst point?
There aren’t enough places where people can go and talk and exchange ideas. Not even in Livorno’s museums. They’re not user-friendly.

If you could change something about Livorno, what would you change?
I would like to see more bookshops with a friendlier atmosphere, more music shops, and cinema in the mornings. More places to meet, read, chat, drink coffee.
I would also like to  see greater tolerance.

Where would you take a friend on a one day visit to Livorno?
To the Rotonda, the Natural History Museum, and along the seafront.