New Home for Livorno's American Market

From Piazza XX Settembre to the Port of Livorno

5 August 2009 American Market relocated to the Port of Livorno American Market relocated to the Port of Livorno Livorno's American Market - Il Mercatino Americano - has just reopened in a brand new location inside the port, after nearly sixty years in Piazza XX Settembre. The market became popular after the opening of the US army base Camp Darby in nearby Tombolo (on the way to Pisa) and in the 70s was well-known throughout Italy as the place for army surplus gear and American jeans and food products.

Recently, many of the stalls in Piazza Venti had closed down and the market had gone into decline. So this new breath of life has probably come just in time.

The Central Food Market in Livorno

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The Central Market of Livorno

Livorno's Central Market - Il Mercato Centrale or Mercato delle Vettovaglie as it is traditionally known -  is one of the highlights on any visit to the city. The huge building, one of the oldest markets in Europe, stands majestically over the main canal on the Scali Saffi and is easily reached from Piazza Cavour  and Piazza della Repubblica. It dates from the late-19th century and was designed by Angiolo Badaloni who was probably inspired by Parisian architecture of the same period.