Music & Culture in the churches and synagogue of Livorno

Church of San Giorgio, venue for a concert on 31st August 2017, with Massimo Signorini Church of San Giorgio, venue for a concert on 31st August 2017, with Massimo Signorini This annual event - Musica e Cultura nelle Chiese e nella Sinagoga a Livorno (previously called Il Giro delle Sette Chiese), organised by the Associazione Accademia degli Avvalorati, this year takes place from 30th August to 5th September 2017.

The aim of the series of concerts is to focus on some of Livorno's historic places of worship associated with the foreign nations that settled in the city in the past. As such, it is supported by the Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association, the Diocese of Livorno, the Jewish community of Livorno, the Baptist community of Livorno, the Dutch-German Congregation, the Cathedral of San Francesco, the parish of San Martino, the parish of San Jacopo, the Comitato Il Gioiello Dimenticato (crypt of San Jacopo), the Misericordia di Livorno, Scuola Clara Schumann, and the Centro Sperimentale sulla Fisarmonica.

Entrance to all the concerts is by donation, which will be dedicated to the place of worship hosting the event.

The programme:

Wednesday 30th August

Yeshivà Marini Jewish Museum, Via Micali 21, at 5.40pm, concert for soprano sax and accordion (Marco Vanni and Massimo Signorini) dedicated to Jewish composer Abramo Basevi, born in Livorno in 1818. (THIS CONCERT IS ALREADY FULL)

Chiesa Battista, Via del Vecchio Lazzaretto (near Villa Corridi), at 9.15pm, music by Johann Sebastian Bach (Marco Vanni soprano sax, Massimo Signorini accordion) dedicated to Martin Luther King. During the evening there will be a tour of the church and a talk about its history by Stefano Ceccarini (Livorno delle Nazioni) and members of the church.

Thursday 31st August

Church of San Giorgio, Via Verdi 57 (built by Livorno's Anglican community in the mid 1800s, today used by the local orthodox Romanian community), at 9.15pm, Massimo Signorini (accordion), Stella D'Armento (flute), and tenor Pier Luigi Chelini perform a homage to Scottish writer Tobias Smollett (buried in the old English cemetery which lies opposite the church). Stefano Ceccarini (Livorno delle Nazioni) will talk about the history of the church.
My Lady Carey's Dompe - Anonymous English dance, 1520s
Malìa - Francesco Paolo Tosti - (Ortona, 1846 – Rome, 1916) words by Gabriele D'Annunzio
Avening and Bright - Anonymous Irish XVII cent
Vorrei - Francesco Paolo Tosti - (Ortona, 1846 – Rome, 1916) words by Gabriele D'Annunzio
Danny Boy - Frederic Weatherly (Portishead, Somerset, England 1820 - Portishead, Somerset 1910)
Non t'amo più - Francesco Paolo Tosti - (Ortona, 1846 – Rome, 1916) words by Gabriele D'Annunzio
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana - Pietro Mascagni (Livorno, 1863 - Rome, 1945)
A' Vucchella - Francesco Paolo Tosti - (Ortona, 1846 – Rome, 1916) words by Gabriele D'Annunzio 

Friday 1st September

Dutch Church, Scali Olandesi, at 11am (the atrium of the church will be opened specially for the event). Massimo Signorini (accordion) and Guglielmo Caioli (double bass), a musical homage to the composer Johann Paul Schulthesius who came to Livorno in 1773 to be the pastor for the Dutch-German congregation and is buried in the Dutch cemetery of Livorno in Via Mastacchi. Music by William Byrd, Pachelbel, Mascagni, and Schulthesius. A talk about the history of the church and the pastor will be given by Stefano Ceccarini (Livorno delle Nazioni).

Cathedral of San Francesco, Piazza Duomo, at 9.15pm, Massimo Signorini (accordion) and Dimitri Grechi Espinoza (sax) perform a musical homage to composer Jean-Baptiste Stuck, born in Livorno to a merchant family in 1680, and to artist Francois Rivière (b. Paris 1675 - d. Livorno 1746). A talk about the history of these figures and their connection with Livorno will be given by Stefano Ceccarini (Livorno delle Nazioni).

Sunday 3rd September

Church of San Martino, Via della Chiesa 17 (Salviano), at 9.15pm, Fabio de Ranieri (guitar), Massimo Signorini (accordion) perform a homage to Livornese composer Filippo Gragnani with music by Handel, Zipoli, Gragnani, and Blazquez. Before the concert, at 6.50pm, there will be a guided tour of the church museum.

Monday 4th September

Church of San Jacopo, Piazza San Jacopo in Acquaviva, at 9.15pm, Massimo Signorini (accordion) and Roberto Cecchetti (violin) perform a homage to history of the San Jacopo quarter, with music by Caccini, Signorini, Schubert, Gounod, Mozart, Cherubini, Albinoni and Marcello. Before the concert, at 8.20pm, there will be a guided tour of the crypt of San Jacopo.

Tuesday 5th September

Chiesa Valdese (Waldensian church) (originally St Andrew's, built for the Scottish Presbyterian community in the mid-1800s), Via Verdi 15, at 9.15pm, Massimo Signorini (accordion) and Stefano Agostini (flute) perform a homage to Waldensian pastor Giovanni Ribetti with music by Bach, Scarlatti, Marais and Gossec.

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