A new owner and a new direction for the British School of Livorno

British School Livorno - New Logo British School Livorno - New Logo 26-2-2015 The British School has a new owner!  Livorno's oldest established private language school, situated in Via della Madonna in the historic Venezia district, was taken over last November by Mariana Kellond. Mariana had been a teacher at the school for many years, but now her role as director will allow her to make some important changes to the school.

In fact, Mariana plans to give the school a brand new image, moving the emphasis away from courses aimed at passing exams to those where learning English (and other languages) is practical and enjoyable. Together with business partner Ryan Hall, she aims to turn the school into a centre with a more cultural bias where a variety of different activities will be on offer. Theatre will play an important role, especially considering Mariana's links with Livorno's Vertigo theatre.

Mariana has also chosen a number of organisations to support as a school, namely, the WWF, FourForAfrica, and UNICEF.

Already the school logo has received an attractive restyling - a capital B with a cat's tail (and a hidden K for Kellond!) which has been produced in different colour combinations to go with the languages besides English taught at the school - French, German, and Italian, for example. The "B", which is how Mariana would like the school to be known from now on, also has a new Facebook page to engage students and anyone else interested in the school's activities. A new website will follow in a few months' time.

The British School was originally opened in 1974 by the South African Mr Routledge. Mariana Kellond is the fourth owner of the school since then (taking over from Nick Nicolaides) - and the first ever female!

British School Livorno
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