Open Ensemble

The Open Ensemble QuartetThe Open Ensemble Quartet Daniele Fredianelli, Renata Sfriso, Riccardo Masi and Giovanni Bacchelli have known each other for a long time, having worked together during their musical careers in various orchestras, on performances of chamber music and in a teaching environment. They are all based in the city of Livorno since they all work here as music teachers.

To crown their friendship and reciprocal esteem, the four musicians recently founded the Open Ensemble quartet composed of piano (Daniele), violin (Renata), viola (Riccardo) and cello (Giovanni). Open Ensemble, After a PerformanceOpen Ensemble, After a Performance They chose the name of the group to highlight their intention to exploit the wide variety of possibilities open to them. In fact, their repertoire ranges from the great composers to lesser known ones, as well as transcriptions of original pieces for a variety of instrumental combinations: from just one instrument to all four.

In keeping with their name, The members of the Open Ensemble quartet are also available for collaboration with other musicians and performers. They can be contacted by email on