Paolo turns to cheesemaking

Raw milk cheeses at the Cantina Senese Raw milk cheeses at the Cantina Senese 23-5-2010 Paolo, from the Cantina Senese, has recently developed a new interest in cheesemaking! As well as making the desserts for his family's restaurant, he is now producing a variety of cheeses which are available to try during a meal, or to buy and take home.

The cheeses are all made from unpasteurized milk, mainly sheep's milk: delicious, delicate Pecorino, flavoured, if you like, with chilli, or pepper, or pistacchio. Or a carefully balanced mixture of cow's and sheep's milk to produce a distinctly flavoured semi-soft cheese.
Paolo goes daily to a cheese-making facility in Parrana San Martino to dedicate time to this new culinary passion. He uses the milk from sheep kept at the farm there.

A good reason then, next time you're passing through Borgo, to call in and sample. You will not be disappointed!

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