Piazza Attias

Piazza Attias and Renato Spagnoli's contemporary art installation Piazza Attias and Renato Spagnoli's contemporary art installation "A" Heading south from Piazza Cavour, popular shopping street Via Ricasoli leads into Piazza Attias, named after a prominent Jewish merchant, Jasach Attias, who lived for a time in the 17th-century Villa of the same name unfortunately demolished in the 1960s.

Today the square is a popular meeting place for young people, especially on Saturday afternoons when it becomes very crowded. It is an important crossroads between Via Ricasoli, Via Marradi, Corso Mazzini and Corso Amedeo.The Piazza, which was opened up in the 1960s, has a mixture of architectural styles. The most striking building is Palazzo Santa Elisabetta, constructed in the mid-19th century and once one of the most important literary salons in Livorno, hosted by its owner Adriana Poli di Montaperto, Duchess of Santa Elisabetta. The building, in Florentine Renaissance style, was restored at the end of the 1990s.

Just round the corner, at the beginning of Via Roma, is the house where the artist Amedeo Modigliani was born. A plaque marks the house. For details of visiting times, see the website.

Around the square there is a mixture of shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as Livorno's main department store, Coin. To see where Piazza Attias is located, click here

PARKING: there is an underground car park below Piazza Attias, accessed from Piazza della Vittoria

BUSES: LAM ROSSO, 3, 4  (to see local CTT transport website with bus routes and timetables, click here)