Piazza della Repubblica

View of Piazza della RepubblicaView of Piazza della Repubblica Piazza della Repubblica is the biggest Piazza in Livorno, situated at the far end of Via Grande. It is a major traffic hub, like a huge roundabout, with Via Garibaldi, Via de Larderel, Via Grande, Via degli Avvalorati and other minor roads all leading off it in different directions. At one end lies the Fortezza Nuova, while the middle of the Piazza is an ample paved area which actually forms a huge vault over the underlying Fosso Reale ('royal canal'), hence the former name of the square, Il Voltone. If you take one of the boat trips along Livorno's canals, you will pass right under Piazza della Repubblica.

Statue of Ferdinando III with the Fortezza Nuova in the backgroundStatue of Ferdinando III with the Fortezza Nuova in the background The Piazza is dominated by two imposing statues, one at each end: on the Fortezza Nuova side stands Ferdinando III (Grand Duke of Tuscany 1790-1801 & 1814-1824), while his son and successor Leopold II (the last reigning Grand Duke of Tuscany, from 1824 to 1859) stands opposite. Surrounding the square are an array of 19th-century buildings, on ground level housing a variety of bars and shops.

PARKING There are some pay-parking spaces at the Fortezza end (parking meter), and on the Via de Larderel side

BUSES: LAM Rossa & LAM Blu

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