Piazza Grande

Piazza Grande, Livorno Piazza Grande, Livorno Piazza Grande was once one of Europe’s largest and most impressive city squares, stretching from the town hall (‘comune’) to the cathedral (‘duomo’). Sadly, it was divided into two when the huge white modern building, Palazzo Grande, was erected in the middle.

The piazza is one of Livorno’s busiest, with most of the city’s bus routes passing through here. The duomo – a post-war reconstruction -  dominates the square on the south side, while the only portico to survive the war, dating from the 17th century and designed by Alessandro Pieroni, stands in the north-east corner.

The original 17th century Portico in Piazza Grande The original 17th century Portico in Piazza Grande Bus stops for the station, Montenero, or the seafront are now located along Via Grande which leads out of the square on both sides. Around the square there are also several bars and cafés and an assortment of shops. The market area and the old port are both close by.
To see where Piazza Grande is located, see the map below.