Piazza Matteotti (Piazza Roma)

Michelucci's Grattacielo building in Piazza Matteotti, Livorno Michelucci's Grattacielo building in Piazza Matteotti, Livorno Piazza Matteotti lies on the southern edge of the city centre forming a major crossroad between Via Roma, Via Montebello and Viale Mameli. It used to be called Piazza Roma, and is still known as this locally.

The most famous landmark in the square is the 'Grattacielo', or 'skyscraper', Livorno's tallest tower block which was designed by Florentine architect  Giovanni Michelucci (who also designed the railway station in Florence).

The Grattacielo is 91 metres tall, on 27 floors and was completed in 1966. It can be seen from all over the city of Livorno.

There is an entrance to Villa Fabbricotti (one of Livorno's largest parks) from Piazza Matteotti. There are also a number of shops, a bank, a bar, and a famous baker's, Nencioni.

Nearby is the Museum of Natural History.

Parking in the square itself is difficult and many of the adjoining streets are for residents only. Try Viale Rosa del Tirreno.

Bus no. 5 goes through the piazza.

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