Piazza Mazzini

Piazza MazziniPiazza Mazzini This large shady Livorno piazza was recently completely redeveloped with lush new lawns, paths, cycle-paths, new litter bins, and benches to sit on. The trees in this lovely green area include elms, palms and plane trees.

The square is in the heart of the Borgo Cappuccini district, right opposite the old Cantiere Orlando shipyards, an area that is also being heavily redeveloped at the moment.
New grass for Piazza MazziniNew grass for Piazza Mazzini If you are walking out of town along the coast road, you will pass Piazza Mazzini before you come to the palm-lined Viale Italia. It is worth venturing across the square and exploring this very traditional working-class area which offers an insight into the real heart of Livorno. Associated with Livornese dock workers, it is no coincidence that 'Il Borgo' also has a very strong rowing team.
The road that gave its name to the district - Borgo dei Cappuccini - leads from the port, behind Piazza Mazzini, to Piazza Matteotti. It features a number of good restaurants, and some intriguing artists' workshops. Piazza Mazzini itself also offers numerous bars and eateries, not least the rightly popular fried-fish stall Jhonny Paranza, and the unpretentious local hangout, Bar Sirena.

Parking: there is a pay car park in Piazza Mazzini itself.

Bus: Lam Blu (from the station and the city centre)

Borgo Cappuccini district - Piazza MazziniBorgo Cappuccini district - Piazza Mazzini