Beach in the Sterpaia Coastal Park, Piombino, Province of Livorno Beach in the Sterpaia Coastal Park, Piombino, Province of Livorno The municipality of Piombino ( with a population of about 34,000) lies in the far south of the Province of Livorno, 90km south of Livorno, in the Cornia valley, and in an area known as the Livornese Maremma. Opposite lies the Island of Elba.

The municipality's greatest attraction is probably its beaches which number among some of the most beautiful and unspoilt in the whole of the mainland province. Another major pull is the Etruscan archaeological site at Populonia.

Piombino is a busy port from where the ferry service to the Island of Elba operates, so there is a great deal of through traffic in the summer months.

Building in the old town of Piombino Building in the old town of Piombino Although the industrial skyline on the outskirts of the town is rather offputting, the old town is quite charming, its main streets packed with restaurants and bars and its 15th-century Torrione Rivellino forming an impressive backdrop.

Apart from the main town of Piombino, other centres in the municipality are Riotorto, Populonia Stazione, Fiorentina, Populonia, La Sdriscia, Colmata, Poggio all'Agnello, Baratti.

Places of Interest:

  • Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia, a must for enthusiasts of Etruscan civilisation.
  • Etruscan museum in Populonia Alta
  • Canali Fountain (Piombino) - a 13th-century work decorated by Nicola Pisano
  • Church of Sant'Antimo (Piombino) - 14th century church in Sienese Gothic style
  • Cassero Fortress
  • Parco Costiero della Sterpaia - area of coastal park to the south of Piombino. Beaches at Perelli, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, il Pino, Carbonifera, and Torre Mozza.

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