Project pARTerre - contemporary art in the park

Support the Il Parterre project by buying a t-shirt (shown - artist Silvia Menicagli Support the Il Parterre project by buying a t-shirt (shown - artist Silvia Menicagli 16-12-2015 The Project

Within the boundaries of Livorno's historic Parterre park in Viale Carducci, a host of new inhabitants are about to be installed: Project Parterre - a collective project involving 34 prominent contemporary artists - will fill the park with animals and beasts of literary and oral tradition, imaginary creatures that have come about at the hand of these artists and which will make the Parterre into a unique urban park of contemporary art, and the first in Italy with a literary-ludic theme.

Project Parterre in fact aims to create the first contemporary art park in Italy with a literary-ludic theme, thereby adding value and substance to Livorno's contemporary art scene. On a voluntary basis, the artists involved in the project will each create a site-specific work inspired by the animal and literary worlds, turning the park into an open-air gallery and a space in which visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy this unique artistic zoo. Educational visits will be available for children.

In the future, the artists hope to see the art park develop and grow, to include works by other artists from other areas of Italy and other countries.

To support the Parterre project, it is possible to make donations and to buy specially-designed t-shirts. See the official website for further information.

Il Parterre project - auction of art work Il Parterre project - auction of art work An auction of some of the artists' works will also be held to raise funds for the project on Saturday 19th December 2015

The artists:

Enrico Bacci
Christian Balzano
Riccardo Bargellini
Francesco Baronti
Giulia Bernini
Diego Bisso
Gualtiero Cagna
Daniele Caluri
Emanuele Carmassi
Veronica Carpita
Pier Corradin
Fabrizio da Prato
Barbara Fluvi
Angelo Foschini & Lavinia Iacomelli
Filippo Gherardi
Fabrizio Giorgi
Marco Lenzi
Fabio Leonardi
Progetto artistico Libertà
Giorgia Madiai
Silvia Menicagli
Aarc_Dario Menichetti
Valerio Michelucci
Giuliano Nannipieri
Francesca Nicolosi
Alberto Pagliaro
Luca Papini & Elisa Possenti
Fulvio Pucci
Stefano Pilato
Valentina Restivo
Riccardo Saltini
Isabella Staino
Virginia Tonfoni
Chiara Vitellozzi 

Parterre (Parco Pertini)
Viale Carducci, Livorno