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A beautiful weekend in Livorno.

Picchi Stadium, LivornoPicchi Stadium, Livorno My friend and I spent a smashing weekend in Livorno recently. Thanks to the Livorno Now website my friend and I were able to see much more of Livorno and appreciate it.

The weather was great, bright and sunny and perfect for strolling along the canal in the "little Venice" district. This led to the seafront and a few drinks in Bar Terzi (Piazza Mazzini). We purchased tickets for the following day's game between AS Livorno and AC Milan (only 11 euros each) and after window shopping on the Via Grande we finished our day in the very friendly and welcoming Bar Civili drinking the famous Ponce (coffee,rum,lemon).

Livorno gets Thumbs Up from Cruisers!

Cruise ship in the Port of LivornoCruise ship in the Port of Livorno Livorno Port and City leaves positive impression on visitors

"We recently stopped off in Livorno for a day and having been several times
before to the surrounding sites decided to stay in Livorno. With the help
of your site we had a wonderful day,purchased the Livorno card, visited
the markets, went on the boat trip and the Funicular. Without your site we
would have missed these attractions. Thanks and keep up all the good work."
Andy Cornell (Aug 2010)

What People Have Said About Livorno

Terrazza Mascagni, LivornoTerrazza Mascagni, Livorno The following is a selection of quotations about Livorno by various people - from Charles Dickens to Australian travel writer Peter Moore - through history, up until recent times. I have chosen them because in some way or another they ring true to me,  even if they were written perhaps decades or even centuries ago. They all capture a certain aspect of Livorno, together summing up the essence of this Medici city by the sea. They are in chronological order, starting with the most recent: