Il Vinaino, wine, snack bar & restaurant in Via Grande, Livorno

Il Vinaino, wine bar in Via Grande, Livorno Il Vinaino, wine bar in Via Grande, Livorno Il Vinaino is a wine bar and restaurant situated in Via Grande, close to the old Medici port and the Quattro Mori monument, and just behind the Gran Duca Hotel. It serves a wide selection of Italian wines and aperitifs, as well as breakfasts and typical Tuscan food at lunchtime. Restaurant open for lunch and dinner. Outside seating available.

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Ristorante, Trattoria or Osteria?

Restaurants in Livorno, as in the rest of Italy, come under various headings, and are not all just plain old "Ristoranti". You'll find "Osterie" and Trattorie" too, as well as "Pizzerie" and "Enoteche", and Livorno has a good choice of all of these.

Traditionally, when eating out in Italy, the osteria and trattoria are cheaper and more popular alternatives to the smarter ristorante. However, this is not always the case any more and it is probably more helpful to have a look at a menu and peer through the window to see what a place looks like! White linen tablecloths often indicate a smarter, more formal, and therefore more expensive restaurant, but not always, as this kind of table linen can also be indicative of simple traditional cooking.

Surfer Joe - Livorno's only American-style Diner!

Surfer Joe's, Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno Surfer Joe's, Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno Until recently, the name Surfer Joe in Livorno was associated with an annual surf music festival - the Surfer Joe Summer Festival - held by the sea in Livorno in the height of summer. Now though, the same organisation has opened a unique diner and live music venue right on the seafront Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno.

Black and white chequerboard floor tiles and aquamarine seating give the ample restaurant an authentic 50s US feel.