Roberto Luti

Roberto Luti Roberto Luti Slide guitarist Roberto Luti was born in Livorno, Italy, in 1977. He grew up hearing and listening to the Blues and Rock & Roll records his father played in the house. Luti picked up the guitar around the age of eight, his dad teaching him the basics. He continued learning mostly on his own, and used to enjoy playing the guitar and trying to match the lines and the tone of the guitar players on old Blues records.

As a teenager, Luti played in a few bands in the Livorno area. Then, when he was 22, he picked up his old national steel guitar and set off for the United States. He was searching for the Blues and for adventure, and wanted to travel playing on the streets and living life. He went to New Orleans in September 1999, returning only in 2008 when he was no longer allowed to stay in the country. He claims that New Orleans taught him a lot, about music and life.

In 2002, while still in New Orleans, Luti became involved in the Playing For Change project. As quoted on the Playing for Change site: "One of the first musicians we met was Roberto Luti, who was playing on the streets of New Orleans at the time. He has been at the heart and soul of our music ever since. He performs on three of PFC’s songs around the world, including “One Love” in which his vintage National steel guitar embraces the Blues-gospel feel of post Katrina New Orleans."

Roberto has played widely in Italy and abroad, also often making local appearances at clubs in Livorno. He also introduced Italy to New Orleans singer Lynn Drury who toured with him throughout the country in 2008-9 and played several times in Livorno itself.

Roberto now plays in the Livorno-based blues trio, TRES with his brother Simone Luti, and Rolando Cappanera. He is also involved in a diversity of music projects both locally and with a wider reach, including collaborations with Niki La Rosa with American musician Luke Winslow King.