Sagra di Suvereto - Wild Boar and Lots More in a Medieval Town

The Medieval Streets of SuveretoThe Medieval Streets of Suvereto The Sagra di Suvereto, otherwise known as the Sagra del Cinghiale or wild boar fete, is held every year in December in the medieval town of Suvereto which is about an hour's drive south of Livorno. This year (2007) is the 40th anniversary of the Sagra and many special events are being held to celebrate.

Flight of Steps connecting the Medieval StreetsFlight of Steps connecting the Medieval Streets Wandering around the old town, you come across tiny cobbled alleyways and narrow flights of steps leading into more winding streets. It's too small to get lost in but you still get a pleasantly disorientating feeling as you walk about. There are craft and gourmet stalls all around, adding interest to a place that is already rich in history and culture.

Wild Boar Stew with OlivesWild Boar Stew with Olives For the sagra there are several special restaurants set up, serving wild boar in many different ways - with polenta, with pappardelle ribbon pasta, on its own in a stew, or roasted. There are wild boar sausages and hams too. All very tempting and ideal on a December day, washed down with some local red wine.

Colourful Stilt Walkers in SuveretoColourful Stilt Walkers in Suvereto After lunch it's time to stroll over to one of the stalls selling sweets and pastries, or roasted chestnuts, and to watch colourfully dressed stilt walkers and the Mascagni town band from Cecina, livening up the afternoon with their marching tunes.

View fromthe Fortress of SuveretoView fromthe Fortress of Suvereto Suvereto is a joy to visit, with its mixture of old stone buildings, palm trees and bright flowers - even at this time of year. The town is carefully looked after and you can see that the locals are proud of it. They do an excellent job in organising and running this popular annual event. So here's to the next 40 years!
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