A season of accordion music in Livorno's churches


The Associazione Accademia degli Avvalorati presents a series of 10 accordion concerts entitled "Il Giro delle 10 Chiese in Musica". The concerts will take place from 20th August to 27th September 2015, will be performed in nine different churches in Livorno and the surrounding area.

The name of the series of concerts refers to the traditional evening pilgrimage known as the Giro delle 7 Chiese, which was started in Rome by Filippo Neri in the 16th century. The pilgrimage leads pilgrims on a 'tour' of seven different churches where prayer services are held. The Giro traditionally takes place twice a year, in May and September.

Thursday 20th August, 6pm: Church of Santa Caterina, Piazza dei Domenicani, Livorno: Mirco Stagno

Friday 21st August, 6.30pm: Church of San Ferdinando, Piazza Anita Garibaldi, Livorno: Daniele Luti

Saturday 22nd August, 7pm: Church of Santa Caterina, Piazza dei Domenicani, Livorno: Mirco Stagno, Daniele Luti, Anna Maria Giacopelli, Maria Melandri.

Sunday 23rd August, 6.30pm: Church of San Benedetto, Piazza Venti Settembre, Livorno: Anna Maria Giacopelli 

Wednesday 23rd September, 5pm: Church of San Ranieri, Via Lopez, Guasticce, near Livorno:Massimo Signorini

Thursday 24th September, 6pm: Chiesa della Madonna, Via della Madonna, Livorno: Domenico di Santo

Friday 25th September, 6pm: United Greek Church (Chiesa della Purificazione), Via della Madonna, Livorno: Gianni Papa

Saturday 26th September, 6pm: Church of Santa Giulia, Via di Santa Giulia, Livorno: Ivano De Simone

Saturday 26th September, 9pm: Church of San Jacopo, Via Galilei 130, VicarelloIvano De Simone, Domenico Di Santo, Michele Fierabracci, Gianni Papa

Sunday 27th September, 4pm: Cathedral of San Francesco, Piazza Grande, Livorno: Massimo Signorini